We have over a decade of experience providing critical life safety services to the pharmaceutical industry.  Our expert team are trained in the safe and effective design of fire protection systems typically used within the pharma industry.  By analyzing the hazard type we can, design, supply, install certify the most appropriate fire protection system to ensure business continuity, a safe working environment and complete equipment protection.

Switch Rooms / Comms Rooms

We at Wilec recognize the critical role of on-site switch rooms and comms room that house and control all the network servers and electrical equipment.  In the event of a fire damage is measure beyond just the equipment value, but also the sequence of events that may follow, including:

  • Loss of Data
  • Operation Downtime
  • Time spent in data recovery and regeneration

As many of these spaces are often occupied for maintenance and operations, we offer a number of safe and effective solutions, tailored to the client site.

Typical Recommendation: Clean Agent – Chemical or Inert

Laboratory Spaces

We offer fire protection solutions for all types of laboratory spaces.  By inspecting the protected area and all associated hazards, we can utilize our extensive range of extinguishing agents to provide the most effective solution, whether that be water, gas or foam.

Complex Hazards

What happens when we can’t guarantee room integrity?  What happens if water mist or clean agents aren’t appropriate?

Of course, there may be cases where watermist or clean agents cannot be used for a number of reasons.  In this case, we may offer CO2 as your fire protection solution.  CO2 is cost effective and versatile, but as it is toxic to humans, is generally only used in occupied spaces. For occupied spaces, strict safety measures must be in place.