Water Mist 


We supply and install a range of water mist systems that are designed and tailored to the exact requirements of the project.  Water Mist is highly versatile and quickly becomes the extinguishing agent of choice across many client sites worldwide.  The Water Mist nozzles are precision engineered to achieve micro-drop discharge that contributes to the following:

“Reduction in water requirement (typically 85% less than a standard sprinkler)”

“Minimal water damage to equipment”

“Versatile application”

“Fast effective fire suppression”

“Easy installation”

“Clean and non-toxic”

“Smaller pipe improves system aesthetics”


We offer three types of water mist systems:

Cylinder Bank Systems

Independent systems that source their water supply from prefilled cylinders and propelled using pressurized nitrogen cylinders.  Cylinder bank systems offer a great solution when protecting single or small spaces and when the water requirement does not exceed 850 litres. Typical applications include:


“Generator Enclosures”

“Comms/Server Rooms”

“Telecommunication Systems”

Electric Pump Systems

Where water requirement exceeds 850 litres or there are multiple hazards to be covered, we would look towards a pump system and water tank.  Our partner manufacturer uses an electric positive displacement pump, high pressure pump to propel the water throughout the pipe network.  These pump systems can work for dry pipe or wet pipe systems.  For wet pipe systems, a jockey pump is used to maintain the minimum pipe pressure.  The flow rate of the pumpset ranges from 32l/min to 480l/min meaning that the minimum pressure requirements can be met even in the most unfavorable circumstances.Typical Applications:


“Office Blocks”

“Museums, Libraries & Heritage”

“Shopping Centres”


Diesel Pump Systems

The operation of the diesel pump system works in the same way as the electric pump without the requirement for an external power supply.  Diesel pumps are a more expensive solution but provide a great option for remotely located systems or indeed any case where external power is not available.


Chemical Clean Agents


Chemical Clean Agents or Halocarbons offer the highest efficiency for the most diverse hazard types.  All chemical clean agents work by total flooding which means, high levels of room integrity (leak tightness) are required.Some of the key benefits of chemical clean agents include:

“Fast Discharge in less than 10 seconds resulting in rapid suppression”

“Low extinguishing concentration makes it suitable for occupied spaces”

“Highly versatile and suitable for most hazard types”

“Electrically non-conductive”

“Reduced cylinder footprint in comparison to Watermist and Inerts”

“Works primarily through drastic reduction of heat”

Inert Clean Agents


Inert Gases compromise only of gases naturally-occurring the earth’s atmosphere (Argon, Nitrogen, CO2) and so are completely environmentally friendly.  They work by total flooding and deplete oxygen levels below the concentration level required for combustion whilst maintaining safe levels for human occupancy.  They work at systems of up to 300bar that help save on installation costs.  Some of the key benefits of Inert Gas include:

“Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Greenhouse Effect”

“Allows for long pipe runs”

“Excellent visibility post-discharge”

“Low cost to refill”

“Systems are specified by a number of cylinders, therefore it is practical to hold reserves on site.”


Regulations & Approvals



EN 14972-1: 2020 – Fixed firefighting systems – Water mist systems – Part 1 – Design, installation, inspection, and maintenance

EN 15004-1: 2019 – Fixed firefighting system – Gas extinguishing systems – Part 1: Design, Installation, and Maintenance

(ISO 14520-1: 2015 modified)